Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm weak......very weak

I did it again. Bought more stuff for the bike. This time, I decided to go the performance route. I had planned to rejet the carburetor and put in a K&N air filter later this year. Well, I decided to go ahead and do it before the Fall trip to W.Virginia and Virginia, so I ordered a Dynojet rejet kit and a K&N filter. This will the the first time I'll be messing with the bike's innards, hopefully I won't screw it up! While I won't be replacing the exhaust pipes just yet, I plan to open up the stock exhaust by removing the baffles. Combine a high flow air filter, a rejetted carburetor and a free flowing exhaust and I should get a noticeable increase in hp and torque throughout the rpm range.

Dynojet jet kit
K&N Filter


Blogger Rider said...

haha! you sound like me. make plans to purchase for later in the year or to do it over the winter, but you end up buying it right away. if i don't stop going to the online stores, i'm going to have a windshield to keep me

good luch with the rejet!

8:52 AM  
Blogger Praveen said...

Thats quite some preperations goin on for the ride vinod:) Wish you all the best for the ride. So how many days and how many miles do u plan for the W virginia ride.

in response to your comment in my blog, we travel mainly on highways but surly would like to spice up the ride with a lil offroading here and there. N boy do we feel the need for power like in ur curiser when on highways :)

btw thanks for including my blog in ur list of motorcycle blogs :). n i have changed my blog's name to 'My Escapades', as the rides are gettin streched beyond weekends :D

7:07 AM  

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