Saturday, July 02, 2005

July 2nd ride

My long weekend began with some basic motorcycle maintainance. I cleaned the bike and lubed the chain for the many miles of riding I had planned. The weather was perfect, the temperature hovering around 80°. I took I-74 to Indiana and took US 52 toward Brookville, the same road I'd taken last week. But this time, instead of continuing on 101 from Brookville, I decided to turn right onto route 252. I was immediately rewarded with a series of zig-zag curves. Route 252 has long straight stretches along cornfields and curvy parts through wooded areas where you would need to slow down if you are not familiar with the road. The speed limit is 55mph but there is always the chance of encountering a slow tractor trailer right around a bend. Route 252 splits into 129 and 126. Choose 126. It is a brand new road, smooth black tarmac, not a single pothole. A biker's dream. Again, this road is very curvy in some parts and the straight parts have undulations, so one moment you're cruising along at 55 and the next you are airborne ! At Ross, OH instead of making a left to continue on 126, I stayed straight on Cincinnati-Brookville road for about a mile and turned right onto East. Miami River Rd. This is a low speed road (35mph) but a lot of fun nonetheless. I made a left on Harrison to take I-74 back into town.

I'm excited about the route I plan to ride on tomorrow, KY routes 10 and 22.


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